Due Date & Bump Clubs in Hong Kong

Finding out you’re pregnant is, for most women, one of the most exciting and happy times of their life. Being actually pregnant, on the other hand, is a source of mixed emotions raging from happiness to frustration, pain and simply put, boredom. Having a strong support network of family & friends is crucial, but not always available if you have relocated to Hong Kong and left that group behind.

Expectant mothers almost all reach a point in their pregnancy when they have a million questions about what is happening to their bodies, are confronted by fears, wonder about the right pram to buy and simply want to talk to other women who are in the same boat.

Many suddenly realise that they have a plethora of great friends to go out and party with but whose interest in nausea, the weight of ‘peanut’ or questions about renting or purchasing breast pumps is limited to about 3 minutes – if that.

If you have friends with children, hanging around with them can be an option, but wise people will advise you to stay away from screaming toddlers as your time will come and you’ll miss those quiet months of physical, material and mental preparation that is meant to keep you busy for nine months.

Many expectant mothers in Hong Kong say they hit a point, usually around five months, when they felt they needed to meet other pregnant ‘gals’ in the city. Back home the antenatal classes are often the place where couples meet and bond, but here that is often not the case.

Finding a ‘bumps’ group is not easy as these are not usually advertised, are self organised and rely on word of mouth. A quick search on the internet will however produce a positive result once you’ve fine tuned the keywords needed to search for.

Here are a few suggested Hong Kong Due Date or Bump Clubs:

GeoBaby Due Date Groups– the branch of the GeoExpat website that deals with all maters relating to pregnancy, schools and other family matters – has a series of “Due Date Clubs” listed on their site. As with most of these clubs, there is no prearranged meet up time or venue and the success or failure depends on the organisation and posts of the women looking for a due date group.

The Bump Group – organised by Little Steps Asia, a web site, as they say, devoted to delivering the inside scoop on what to do, buy, and discover in Hong Kong and beyond. To join the Bump Group just add your email and they will let you know about upcoming events.

American Women’s Association – if you are a member of the AWA you can get in contact with them and they will inform you who the group coordinator is. This is usually a volunteer member who will collect expectant mother’s email addresses and, via email, introduce them to each other. Organising a get-together then passes on to the email recipients.

I joined a GeoBaby’s Due Date group online, and after about a month of women introducing themselves via the forum, one of us took the initiative to suggest a first gathering. Our first meetup was for dinner and fourteen 5/6 month old bumps showed up. After the restaurant staff got over the initial shock of having so many ‘potential problems’ we got excellent service and had a fantastic evening.

As our inboxes quickly filled up with “reply to all” emails, a closed Facebook Group was set up and since then we have only communicated this way. It is also a good way to put names to faces when the group is new and it turned out to be an excellent way to follow the arrival of all the babies as our due dates came and went.

We have met for lunches, brunches, bbq-s, dinners, coffees and, although usually just us girls, have also included the dads in a few of the events. There is not a specific organiser or group leader as we have all taken turns suggesting a venue and date and whoever can, joins.

Meeting like-minded women who are happy to talk baby sizes, problems, fears, expectant fathers, baby-shopping woes, compare doctors and hospitals etc. is highly recommended for expectant mothers in Hong Kong. The likelihood of making life-long friends for yourself, and your little one, is almost guaranteed.