About Chatty Brains

Welcome to the home of all Chatty Brains in Hong Kong!


What does ‘Chatty Brains’ mean?

Although a scientific explanation is yet to be defined, Chatty Brains, describes those of us who are constantly thinking about our surroundings, where to go for dinner, what to do tomorrow, who can we tell about a great little shop we found, wish to rant on about the weather (or whatever else our mind is preoccupied with), and so on, and so on.

Hong Kong is a place of discovery for those of us taking up the precious little space available, whether we define ourselves as expats, gweilos, locals, bananas, ABC’s, BBC’s, CBC’s, visitors tourists or even aliens. The aim of this site is to provide a comfortable home for all our discoveries so others can benefit from them.

Who are the Chatty Brains?

Currently the Chatty Brains who are contributing to this site are a few people who have been invited to write for us based on their expertise and passion for the topic they are writing on.

I have an extremely Chatty Brain. Can I contribute to Chatty Brains in Hong Kong?

If you would like to become an official Chatty Brain, please have a look at this page.  All writers will be credited and have a profile page.  If your extremely Chatty Brain needs an outlet somewhere before it bursts, please get in contact with us.

Where is Chatty Brain in Hong Kong Located?

Where else but Honkers?